Founded in 2005, with the vision of contributing to the progress of neuroscience in Turkey, the Neurodegeneration Research Laboratory (NDAL) is the first example of an academic collaboration between a university and a prestigious foundation in Turkey.

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The human genome project along with the emerging novel genome technologies has taught us that not only Mendelian-inherited rare diseases, but also common diseases (cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke and Alzheimer’ s disease, the four major causes of death in humans) are tightly related with our genetic make-up.


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Neurons are the cells in the central and peripheral nervous systems. Neurodegeneration refers to the destruction of the structure and function of these neurons. Degeneration ultimately leads to the death of these cells, which initiate the disease process. In recent years, due to the expansion of life span, neurodegenerative diseases have drastically increased in the aging population, worldwide leading to a great health burden.